Flames Ice Hockey

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Ice hockey is a fast paced, exciting game for people of all ages and for both males and females. The club welcomes new players of any age and skill level (though some skating skills are beneficial). There is gear available for hire to  players at a cost of $60.00. Anyone is welcome to come along and give ice hockey a go.  More information on the web page www.flamesicehockey.co.nz, or call Trevor on 021 177 8923.

Practice times

Kiwi Hockey (1st years and younger members).  Every Tuesday afternoon from May to August when Iceinline is open, 3.30pm - 4.30pm, including school holidays.   This is an intro to hockey with the hope that some of these players move into the Under 12 time slot as they progress.

Under 12's, Monday and Wednesday from May to August when Iceinline is open, 5.45pm - 6.30pm, including school holidays.
Under 15's, Monday and Wednesday from May to August when Iceinline is open, 6.30pm - 7.15pm, including school holidays.
Under 18's, Monday and Wednesday from May to August when Iceinline is open, 7.15pm - 8pm, including school holidays.
Seniors, Monday and Wednesday from May to August when Iceinline is open, 8pm - 9.30pm.

Flames Ice Hockey Leagues (FIHL)

Super Hero League - Primary school age player, Saturday from May to August when Iceinline is open, 11am - 12.45pm.

Saturday Night FIHL - High school to Adults, Saturday from May to August when Iceinline is open, 5pm - 7pm.

Membership Costs
 Under 20 $80.00
Over 20  $100.00
Associates $25.00
The above costs are for Flames membership only.  Iceinline rink tickets are also required.  

Associates are those players who come to practice and club times but do not play in tournaments.  Parents who wish to show their support, can become associated members.

For further information please contact the club via www.flamesicehockey.co.nz   or

Flames President
Trevor Lawrence       
Cell: 021 177 8923

Flame Secretary
Tarryn Lines

7 reasons why kids play ice hockey

  1. IT'S SAFE - Ice hockey is a very safe sport to play. In all leagues under 14 years of age "checking" is not permitted. Players have padding and helmets to protect against falls and collisions.
  2. IT'S FAST - Ice hockey is a fast, exciting team game. Skating fast and shooting the puck makes for an exhilarating combination.
  3. SKILL DEVELOPMENT - Players learn to develop four basic skill sets – skating, puck handling, passing and shooting. The balance learned is a tremendous advantage in other sports.
  4. SIZE DOESN'T MATTER - Physical size is not important. Ice hockey caters for big and small. At junior level, it is all about skill and finesse.
  5. GIRLS AND BOYS - Girls and boys compete on an equal basis.
  6. IT'S A TEAM GAME - The beauty of the sport is that it combines the skill of the individuals that play together and contribute as a "team". Valuable life skills like team work, communication, persistence, mental attitude, sportsmanship and problem solving, are developed.
  7. OPPORTUNITIES TO PLAY - When players reach a certain level of competence, there is a great opportunity to travel. Teams have been sent to Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, South Africa, Korea, China, Ireland, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Iceland and the Czech Republic.

For all these reasons, ice hockey is a fun, social, positive and memorable experience for those who play it.  It is by far ..........